About Us

We are four siblings who longed for summer days so we could get on the water. Whether it was a day trip to the local lake or ocean, or week-long houseboating trips at Lake Powell, we lived for summers being pulled behind the boat. So, how did we decide to start Hit It? Years ago, our parents camped with friends at Lake Powell. At night as they stared up at the stars they talked about their dreams and business ideas. Our mom grew up in a family retail business and she threw out the idea to use “Hit It!”- the well-known term used to notify the boat driver that the skier is ready to be pulled- as a watersport sportswear line. Over the years she would talk about her idea, but it wasn’t until 2020 that we took action, with Alyssa leading the way. We trademarked the term and began working on the logo. We knew we wanted to incorporate a ski rope/handle, the letter H, and water.   Lauren, the BioChem graduate, suggested incorporating the molecular shape of h2o because it can resemble a triangle. Done! We drew mock-ups and met weekly to discuss the pros and cons of each design until we came to an agreement – sometimes that can be hard with four siblings! Ultimately, the logo represents everything we love about being at the lake…in the water, behind the boat, grabbing the rope handle and yelling “Hit It!”